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The Registration Project began in 2012 and involves the facilitation of the ECD centre registration process, leadership development and curriculum support.


Crèche Registration

Learn2Live Community Centre NPC is mandated by the Department of Social Development to assist the crèches of the greater Kraaifontein and Eersteriver region in the registration process. This includes auditing of the crèches to determine their current status and advising them on areas of improvement, providing them with certain documentation and application forms and submission of their final applications (Portfolios of Evidence) to DSD.


Click below to download templates and other useful documents.

–  Tick-list for POE Submission

–  Form 29 Overview

–  DSD Introduction Letter

–  Business Plan Template

–  Audit Feedback Form

–  Form 29-Inquiry by Employer

–  Form 30

–  Norms & Standards

–  Introduction Letter (New Fascilities)

–  For more information on the registration process, please download our  Registration Roadmap.


Leadership Development

Learn2Live is dedicated to developing the leadership and management skills of ECD principals in order to motivate and equip them to become good stewards of their businesses. All subjects are relevant to their sphere of business management (e.g. vision casting, communication, human resource principles and practices, etc.) and topics related to crèche registration are also facilitated by government officials in the various departments (e.g. health & safety, fire safety, policies, etc.).


Curriculum Support

Learn2Live offers theoretical and practical curriculum support for their ECD centers. The baby teachers are trained in a 0 – 18 month’s stimulation program and the toddler teachers in an 18-36 months program, to include theme related toy kits and activity books for the learners.


Attachment training is provided to encourage healthy bonding and engagement between the teacher and their infant learners. The concept of attachment focuses on the intricate effect of nurture and love on brain development.


The focus of all training is curriculum knowledge, ensuring that the principals know exactly what to do each day, how to use the manuals, understand the material and can execute the relevant activities.  It is presented in the form of various training blocks and workshops and followed up with scheduled on-site visits to assist the practitioners with the implementation of the training in their specific crèche environment.

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