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With the focus on healthy eating habits and sustainable living, Learn2Live has developed a nutrition program to educate and encourage children, parents and principals to live healthier lives. Through this project, we highlight the importance of proper nutrition in relation to learning, to introduce the children to different varieties of vegetables, and to create sustainable and cost-effective means for crèches to ensure their children are properly nourished.


Open Days

Every Friday morning, Learn2Live invites one crèche in the Kraaifontein area to visits the Learn2Live Community Centre where their learners receive an entertaining lesson on nutrition and water-saving, and where they get to harvest their own vegetables from the garden which is prepared and served to them at lunchtime.


Cooking and Garden Training

Another leg of this project is Cooking and Garden Training hosted in aid of the cooks and principals of the crèches who are partially responsible for the nutritional health of their learners.

At this training the delegates are taught about healthy eating habits, the nutritional properties of food, preparing nutritious and cost-effective meals for their learners, water-saving measures and various techniques for growing their own vegetable patches at their crèches.

This project helps 5 000 children in the bigger Kraaifontein area to understand nutrition better and to eat more healthy, supporting their mental and physical growth and development.

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