Learn2Live | VISION
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Learn2Live a non-profit organization that aims to create a society where children and adults have proper educational opportunities, specifically investing in the area of early childhood development and sustainable living.

Our focus is laying a good foundation during the first 1 000 days of a child’s life, specifically in the area of stimulation, nutrition, love and safety, setting the child up for better learning success at school and creating the opportunity to break the cycle of poverty and secure a better future for themselves and their families.


Why are the first 1000 days so important?

The first 1 000 days of a child’s life refers to the period from conception to 2 years of age – a critical time in terms of brain development, characterized by the rapid growth and deepened connectivity and complexity of the neuro pathways in a child’s brain.


This process is highly dependent on the child receiving efficient amounts of nutrients, stimulation, loving care and attention, not only post birth, but especially during their time in the womb.


Stunting often occur when infants and young children are malnourished, traumatised and neglected, with irreversible, life-long consequences such as impaired brain development, lower IQ, weakened immune systems and the inability to form lasting, meaningful relationships.


It is thus vital that investment is made in this period of a child’s life, so they can grow and learn to their full potential.



We have designed an integrated change model to holistically approach the development and overall well-being of a child, through the main focus areas of stimulation, nutrition, love and safety.


We hold our moral platform in high regard, diligently pursuing it as a compass for success and genuine effectiveness. For more details, as to what we value, please follow the link below.