Learn2Live | VALUES
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We hold our moral platform in high regard, diligently pursuing it as a compass for success and genuine effectiveness. These values include:


Every ECD centre and home exists in its own specific environment, with its own specific dynamic. We, therefor, place a high value on practical and on-going support in the implementation of learning programs and norms and standards in the ECD centres, coming alongside them and mentoring them through the process until they find their own unique rhythm, suitable to their specific situation.


We have a duty, not only to our overseers and funders, but to the community we serve, to act in such a way that our intentions are always clear, our ways are always transparent and our word can always be trusted. Accountability is the key to ensuring that all associated members of this organisation is above reproach.



Being passionate about our mission, means we give 100% at all times. It means we take great care in the way we do things – from the upkeep and aesthetic value of our premises, to all internal operations and even the resources we provide, as a reflection of our heart towards the community. We truly aim to be a light in a world that is strangled by structural chaos, pollution and mediocrity.



We believe that you can change the world if you start with the heart. If you can find the gold in people, bring it to the light and help them believe in themselves, you can build a mighty army of warriors, influencers and community changers.



We work in communities where people have had little or no educational opportunities, and am suffering the daily grind of survival. They have neglected to dream, because they have forgotten how to look beyond their circumstances. We strive to create a new era of hope and possibility. A chance for people to discover their natural abilities, hone their skill and rise above their realities to a greater future for themselves and their dependants.



No positive change or progress can be made in a community, if there is no influence. And influence only comes through the building of strong relationships based on effective communication, genuine empathy, mutual respect and trust. Relationship is always the foundation on which any ideal is built.


Our vision is laying a good foundation during the first 1 000 days of a child’s life, in order to secure a better future for themselves and their families.


We have designed an integrated change model to holistically approach the development and overall well-being of a child, through the main focus areas of stimulation, nutrition and safety.