Learn2Live | MISSION
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Learn2Live has designed an integrated change model to holistically approach the development and overall well-being of a child, through the main focus areas of stimulation, nutrition, love and safety.



Ensuring that there are proper governance and managerial practices in ECD centres, that registered learning programs are successfully implemented, that parents are effectively engaged and that children who can’t access formal education, also have adequate learning opportunities.


Creating an awareness of the value of a healthy lifestyle, the nutritional needs of a child and sustainable vegetable gardening at schools.


Investing in the teacher-learner relationship, the parent-child relationship and the awareness of the self and your emotional and social needs.


Creating a physically and emotionally safe space, both at school and at home, for children to learn in and thrive.


Our vision is to lay a good foundation for a child’s life, focussing on stimulation, nutrition, love and safety. We do this to secure a better future for themselves and their families.


We hold our moral platform in high regard, diligently pursuing it as a compass for success and genuine effectiveness. For more details, as to what we value, please follow the link below.