Learn2Live | Mental Health Project
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We strive to create a community which will enable people to thriving, have meaningful social connections, continually learn and develop, have a positive self-esteem and be equipped to cope with life’s ups and downs.


Learn2Live’s Mental Health programme is divided up into 3 parts:


  1. Training on Trauma Safe Classrooms

Our training will focus on what is the effect of trauma on the brain and how teachers can use brainstem calmers and our emotional intelligence program to create a classroom where children can feel safe, learn and thrive.


  1. Women and teen girls support groups

This program is called Ubomi Sisters which means Life Sisters. The heart of the program is to be a safe place for women and girls were they can grow, learn to look after themselves and build themselves up. Our focus in these groups are reflection, relationships which builds our resilience to face all obstacles life brings our way.


  1. Peer Counselling Training

We aim to train 20 counsellors to offer basic peer support to people in the community that struggle emotionally. Having a safe place where people can come to receive basic support, love and compassion. Our long term plan is to establish a trauma room at our facility to be available to all in our community.

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